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Ginny Fox of Stamford, CT enjoys her time at the oxygen bar


Set up all week in the lobby of the Denver Marriott, guests from Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Connecticut enjoyed getting a natural oxygen high and a boost of energy. A number of guests suffered the effects of altitude sickness including migranes. Luckily for them they had the only hotel in Denver with an Oxygen Bar. After only 15 minutes of pure 92% oxygen, all altitude sufferers reported feeling relieved of their symptoms. 

The bar also became quite an attraction during the week as hundreds of guests frequented it during the convention as well as gained the attention from media. 

Full Story written by a New Haven, CT newspaper

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Testimonials from DNC customers

"While visiting  Denver I discovered the Chill Out Oxygen Bar in the lobby of my hotel and it was wonderful! It replenished & refreshed my spirits and gave me that boost of energy to get me through long days at the convention." 
Vanessa G. - Pennsylvania delegation 

"I witnessed first hand people who were helped by the oxygen bar with asthma, migraines, and hangovers... it helped me breathe easier and I loved the great aromas !"
Donald M. - Conshohocken, PA 

"I used the oxygen bar everyday during the convention to jumpstart my body for the day. 15 minutes of oxygen and the turbo boost energy shooter from Chill Out Oxygen had me running circles around people half my age!"
Jack H. -  Tennessee